2017 Porsche 960 Specs

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If you’re looking for a sports car that is high-tech and fuel efficient, you should include 2017 Porsche 960 to the list of car you want to buy. The new car has been equipped more powerful engine than the previous generation. 2017 Porsche 960 was built with stylish and wonderful appearance. In addition the car is also equipped with a variety of features and innovations that are very functional. It has been ascertained if the car will fit into the category of a luxury sports car. Previously, Porsche has launched various of sports sports cars such as the 911 series and 918 hybrid series. These cars have now been perfected into a 2017 Porsche 960. 2017 Porsche 960 equipped with engines that can produce output around 600 horsepower. The company expects to attract many buyers.

2017 Porsche 960 Fuel Economy

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2017 Porsche 960 Fuel Economy, So far the tests performed by the company showed 2017 Porsche 960 highly fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. The company tried to meet the desires of consumers, who expect to take 60 Miles only requires 1 liter of fuel. If realized, this will be the main weapon to defeat competitors.

2017 Porsche 960 Specs

2017 Porsche 960 Price and Release Date, Price has not yet specified, but are expected more lower than previous models. According to unofficial information, it is expected that the price of the previous model of this Porsche series. The starting price should be about $200,000. The release date of the new 2017 Porsche 960 is still not known but is expected early in the Q3 of 2016 or in the Q1 of 2017.

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