New 2017 Ford GT with Automatic Transmision

Saturday, August 15th 2015. | Ford

New 2017 Ford GT is a car made by Ford, the new car is scheduled to be launched to the automotive market in 2017. The prototype car has been introduced in the “2015 Detroit Auto Show” some time ago. Lots of visitors who saw the prototype of this car, they ask when launching this car and specification of the New 2017 Ford GT. Seeing the enthusiasm of visitors to this New 2017 Ford GT, would be a sign if the car will be sold in the market and can be accepted by society, especially the car lovers.

New 2017 Ford GT with Automatic Transmision

New 2017 Ford GT Interior, as reported by from “2015 Detroit Auto Show”  following :

As fitting for such a purposeful machine, the GT’s cockpit is designed for control and usability. The seats are directly integrated into the car’s monocoque shell. This provides a direct connection to the chassis, and gives the driver a better feel for how the car is behaving. With a fixed seating position, the GT has an adjustable steering wheel and pedals to make sure that drivers of various shapes and sizes can get their driving position just right.

The gauge cluster is just a large LCD display that is configurable to display carious levels of information. There are multiple modes that can be chosen and activated to display different types of information depending on the type of driving, or driver preference.

New 2017 Ford GT Exterior, as reported by from “2015 Detroit Auto Show” following :

The new Ford GT has a design that instantly recognizable when Viewed with its older siblings. The mid-engine design lends itself to a long wedge shape, and the car has the signature sloped GT nose with the dual ducts in the front that create a menacing and memorable look. The rear of the car looks far more modern than past GTS, with round hips, crisp cuts near the taillights reminiscent of modern Ferrari Ferraris, and a set of flying buttress wings for extra downforce. There is Also a huge set of canon high-mounted exhaust outlets centers and the lower part features an aggressive rear diffuser.

2017 Ford GT with Automatic Transmision

New 2017 Ford GT Engine and Price, This car is equipped with EcoBoost V-6 engine with Automatic Transmision that has a volume of 3.5 liter capacity that was predicted to produce 600 horsepower, and can achieve a maximum torque of 600 lbft. In addition, the maximum speed that can be achieved by the New 2017 Ford GT is 200 MPH, and the car is also capable of touching a speed of 60 MPH in just 2 seconds. It’s very unusual specification. For the price of the New 2017 Ford GT to approximately $ 125k, which is very remarkable price but comparable with the quality of this car. Let’s just wait this year pace car in 2017


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