New 2017 Volvo S90 with SPA Platform

Saturday, August 15th 2015. | Volvo

New 2017 Volvo S90 with SPA Platform, Volvo plans to update the entire model in the year 2017 under the name Volvo s90. Most new models of Volvo will be using the new platform SPA with petrol and diesel engines which are all derived from the E-Drive family, this machine is the latest machine having above average strength of course, plus the car is able to compete with sports cars medium. Obviously with a design that is not much different from the previous model, but there will be little change in what will eventually add to the impression of elegance and modern, as in the interior. This car will be dominated by black and metallic colors that will enhance the sporty and elegant. In terms of the car’s exterior is designed not far from the previous model, but there will be a slight indentation that might give the impression of full power on this car, coupled with a masculine color Volvo 90s will make the eyes of the women impressed for sure. First Volvo car launches named S90 in 1996. Furthermore, Volvo stopped production of the 900 Series in 1998. In addition, the S90 also marks the end of an era for Volvo, be the last car rear-wheel-drive are wearing badges Swedish company. The first series of Volvo lived between 1998 and 2006, while the second in 2014. Today S90 is set to revolutionize the previous generation, such as second-generation XC90 do in the SUV market. S90 interior is packed with the latest technology and luxury items developed by Sweden.

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A little about the history of the Volvo s90, Volvo is a manufacturer of transportation from Sweden. The company produces trucks, buses, construction equipment, drive systems (drive system) for marine equipment as well as industrial applications, aircraft parts, and finance companies. The company which was the automaker was founded on 14 April 1927 Göteborg, Sweden as a subsidiary of SKF, a company that produces bearing (kolaher). Volvo is a Latin word that means “I spin”, which is another form of the word “volvere”. The name Volvo was originally registered for the first time in May 1911 as a company under the auspices of SKF AB and as a trademark which is planned to be used for a special series bearing.

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